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    UHN Palm Newsletter ( March 2000)

    I have been talking with various colleagues recently and realized that most
    of us lack the time to keep up with the housestaff when it comes to
    exploring Palm handheld computers. A few people asked me to pass along any web addresses I know of for sites that deal with Palm PCs and Medicine. I thought that would be a good idea and decided to pass along some info to everyone I know at UHN who is currently using, or interested in using, a handheld Palm computing device.

    Some sites that I have found helpful, with commentary:
    This is a very good site. Among other positive features, it is Canadian and
    is maintained by an emergency physician. Ahem. It's also very wide-ranging, with info about selecting a PDA, medical software, and other
    medical web sites of interest to Palm users.
    This is a commercial site. In addition to news and reviews, you can
    subscribe to a periodic newsletter - sort of what I am doing here. OK,
    theirs is alot more polished.....
    Palm Boulevard is a useful place for news, software reviews, tips, and a
    shareware database.

    This should be enough to get you started. Check out the sites, or print
    this message and take it home, or forward it to your home email address (you do know how don't you? If not let me know and I will help you set it up).

    I don't want to be gimmicky or ask for subscription fees but I plan to send
    a monthly email to UHN staff who are interested in Palm PDAs (Personal
    Digital Assistants) and their use in medicine. If you aren't interested,
    please reply to this message and I will drop you from the mailing list.
    Just so you know, I don't share this list with anyone. Conversely, if you
    know someone who is interested, you can forward this message (and subsequent ones) to anyone you wish as long as you leave my name in there somewhere or let me know and I will add the name to the list.

    Does this sound useful or interesting? Feedback would be appreciated. In
    fact, it's probably the only way to get me to stop (heh, heh).

    As an incentive to reader feedback I am offering to send, absolutely free of
    charge, a text file you can load onto your Palm PDA which will remind you of
    all the arcane commands needed to dictate or review reports on the UHN
    dictation system. The file can be pasted into your Palm Notepad application
    or read with reader software such as SmartDoc or TealDoc. Then you can
    carry it everywhere.

    Don't know what those programs are? Well, I guess that will have to be the
    topic of next month's newsletter....

    This is the first issue of a newsletter on Palm handheld computers, prepared for doctors, nurses, paramedics, IT professionals and others who need tools that work. Feel free to pass copies around electronically or on paper. To subscribe, unsubscribe, present burnt offerings, obtain back issues, change your email address or complain, contact the author at:

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